The Rhinestone Cowboy – Glenn Campbell

Source: The Australian

For as long as I can remember Glenn Campbell has always been there. On my parents’ record-player, TV hosting his own show on TV and on regular rotation on my own playlists.

He features in my CD collection, in my Apple Music Library as well as in playlists of the 60s, 70s, Songs I Love and even on my Gym playlist! So, it was with much sadness that I record his death.

I was aware of the many trials and tribulation he’d faced. He had his challenges, including his battle with Alzheimer’s which he made public in 2011. That may have curtailed his concert tours but not his recording which culminated with his last album Adios released in June of this year.

I am glad my parents introduced me to Glen Campbell, as he is someone I would never have found from my more usual sources of listening. He just wasn’t fashionable as a teenager but he was part of the soundtrack of my life.

Jimmy Webb’s Galveston, I know not necessarily sung as Jimmy Webb had intended is a classic. It gives me a spring in my step every time I hear it. At the gym I have it booming through my headphones and often on repeat. I never tire of it. Continue reading

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Diary of a Slow Traveller – You miss one train…


St Emilion

I was reading one of my favourite travel blogs, Picnic at The Cathedral and WOB’s hilarious reflections on missing a bus in Poland  and was immediately reminded of missing a train in Bordeaux on Bastille weekend and the repercussions of missing that one train!

Some years age my favourite person and I were traveling through Europe with our youngest daughter, who was about fifteen at the time.

We had arranged a train trip from Bordeaux to Taormina. Yes I  know, this involves going across the water and trains don’t normally travel over water, but in Italy they sort of do! They barge the carriages from the mainland across to Messina and then you continue your journey. We thought it sounded like fun.

St Emilion

Back to the story. We were staying in St Emilion and needed to drive back to Bordeaux railway station to drop the car off and then board the train to Paris, travel across Paris to catch another train to Amalfi where we’d planned a couple of days sightseeing before re-boarding the train to travel onto Taormina. As I write this it now seems so obvious it wasn’t going to be straight forward but I didn’t expect it to turn sour even before we boarded our train in Bordeaux.

After a delightful Saturday morning in St Emilion, we allowed ourselves what we considered to be a more than ample time (two and half hours) to get to the Bordeaux train station. I allowed this time because the previous year I’d been in Bordeaux for work and seen how busy the traffic was.

So all packed and seemingly with plenty of time, we loaded the address into the GPS and set off for the station. Continue reading

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Diary of a Slow Traveller – Catania, Palermo, Naples – three cities that you must visit

Palermo Cathederal entrance

Palermo Cathedral entrance


It would be fair to say that when you think of three cities that you must visit, it’s doubtful that Catania, Palermo and Naples immediately come to mind? However they are each cities with enormous character and personality. Each enjoys a reputation of being dark, dirty, unruly and not safe.

The words of warning are appropriate but so are the reasons to visit!

We took the opportunity to visit all three on our last trip to Italy.

While we had visited Palermo twice before, we had steered clear of Catania and Naples previously, due to the general commentary around safety. So  as I said, on our last visit to Italy we decided to visit both Catania and Naples as well as revisiting Palermo. Infact, we enjoyed each of them so much that we made a return trip to Catania while we were in Sicily and extended our stay in Naples. We also wished we’d allowed a little more time for Palermo.

Each of these cities have their own personalities. Continue reading

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Changing Identities – An interview with me. The transition to “What’s Next”.

I credit Herminia Ibarra’s book “Working Identity – Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing your Career” as the critical step in how  I have approached “What’s Next”.

As I was reviewing the book for a presentation recently, I decided that I’d interview myself using the Interview Guide that formed a key component of the excellent case studies within the book.

Tell me about your career to date?

From school I went straight to University, actually an Institute of Technology and studied Accountancy. I started my career as an accountant whilst an undergraduate and stayed in the accounting profession for the next 37 years.

More than half of that time was as a partner of a Big 6 and then following merger a Big 4 firm. I have been privileged to have this opportunity

Why did you change careers?

The firm I worked for made it clear that 55 was a key date. In order for their to be renewal in my firm, it was necessary that partners didn’t stay too long. I’d known that for 20 or so years so it wasn’t a surprise.

How long did it take?

On reflection, I think I started the process the day I joined the firm. Continue reading

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The Diary of a Slow Traveller – The Southern Fleurieu, South Australia

Sunset at Second Valley

Recently South Australia has been getting some attantion as a hidden gem. AS a local I can only say to those who are thinking of visiting SA – come on down.

We have just had a couple of days on the glorious Fleurieu Peninsula, where we are lucky enough to have a beach house. I love it because our beach house is in a quiet little town, Second Valley where we can hide away  and with the start of winter relax by the fire.

I also love the opportunity to ride up over the range and toward SA’s major tourist town of Victor Harbour about 60 kms away, across to Cape Jervis where the Ferry terminal is for the short trip across to Kangaroo Island or to ride a loop that takes in the range, Torrens Valley and then the stunning coastline at Lady Bay.

I thought for this post I’d let some pictures I took tell the story…

Continue reading

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