2014 – That’s a wrap and now for 2015

Well that’s 2014 over and 2015 has begun.

2014 has been about transition, getting over relevance deficit syndrome as I handed over my clients and relationships,embracing study, discovering country music(sorry to my wife, family and friends and my dear blogging friend, David Perry), comfortably meeting my cycling target of over 5000kms for the year and preparing for new experiences as I move from the comfort of working in professional services to something else.

It feels quite surreal. Normally, I find the period after Christmas quite a let down as it signifies the last few days before it all starts again, but this time it is quite different. That shouldn’t be surprising as in 2015 my focus will be completely different. I’m not thinking about finishing off client compliance work, billing targets, collecting cash or winning new work. That’s all for my successor who is now well ensconced.

2015 is about winding out of my firm and embarking on a new adventure. Completing Honours, focussing on building my academic credentials, and maybe some advisory boards. Also it is about planning an extended stay in Italy in 2015, something which has been on my wish list for the last few years.

It seems quite surreal, but as I sit at my desk writing this post, for the first time since 1978 I don’t have my year planned at all. Sure there are a list of “to dos”, not the least of which is a 20,000 word thesis but I don’t have a back log of work and a diary full of appointments that usually fill me with dread in the first week of January each year. What I do have is lots of “white space” and a question about how it will be filled?

So its on with 2015…

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4 Responses to 2014 – That’s a wrap and now for 2015

  1. Tim Rossi says:

    Feels like a Happy New Year start to a new life Michael. Wishing you, Cathy and the family all the best for a great year. Tim

  2. David Perry says:

    Don’t get me wrong, Browney, I like some country music but not too much at one time. Growing up in Tennessee forced too much on me. Anyway, best wishes for the new year, the 20,000 word thesis (how many pages is that?) and your trip to Italy! And if you come through Paris we’ll sip a café, or something else, at a sidewalk table on a Parisian street!

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