A long flight, a scam and a shower!

Days like today just confirm how far Australia is from Europe!

Two long flights and we are only in Dubai!

We arrived mid afternoon and headed straight for the hotel. and a shower. The shower was fantastic, but the taxi was my first “whoops”moment of the trip. Got scammed by one of the limmo drivers who approached us just as we were walking out of the terminal. His fee was more than double the two other taxi fares we had during the afternoon.

Not sure why I fell for it – I’m putting it down to sleep deprivation.

Very annoying and one I shouldn’t have fallen for.

Still the hotel is pleasant and the shower was awesome.it’s amazing how after just a few seconds you feel so refreshed.

We spent the afternoon at The Dubai Mall and environs. It is apparently the biggest mall in the world. Pretty much every shop La Feyette, Bloomingdales, Tiffany & Co as well as some Aussie favourites Esprit and Rip Curl. There are so many shops that they have their own Arcades for high fashion, shoes, kids etc.

As well as the shops the fountain and aquarium are amazing.

As we have the last flight to Munich in the morning we decided on a very early meal on the terrace of our hotel and bed.





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  1. Michael van heeswyk says:

    Will be interested to hear more about travelling to Europe via Middle East. Michael, don’t thinlk of you being scammed, it’s more like your supporting the local community.

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