Maybe we could get by with carry on luggage


Just like us the passenger in this plane only has his carry on luggage to accompany him!
That said, this is all about to be rectified

with our luggage finally arriving in Munich just 2 days behind us!

Not having our luggage has been inconvenient and necessitated a quick shop for clothes to tide us over but it hasn’t really stopped us.

After 3 days in Munich I am still struggling with what it’s defining characteristic is. In some ways it feels just like any large city, something that can’t be said of Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Madrid. all of those cities seem to embody their country’s culture yet Munich seems so Cosmopolitan. I could just ea easily be walking through the streets of Sydney or Melbourne but for the language.

This is not a criticism just something I am really feeling. The city is easy to get around and feels safe. The food isn’t all sausage and potato but the usual mix of any large city.


We had a great meal at a local wine bar. Great wine list even including a couple of South Australian wines. When it came to the bill though. Our waitress had made a huge error, ringing up only €11.80 instead of €118.00! She was both embarrassed and appreciative that we got the bill corrected.

It has also been useful having my University Student Card, as I’ve got student discounts at both Residenze and Schloss Nymphenburg. Saved €2 at each venue! awesome. Both sites were worth the visit. So much opulence.




Some photos from Residenz




Some photos from Schloss Nymphenburg



Hard to imagine giving the church service your full attention at Asamkirche. I had said I was sick if visiting churches but this was worth it!


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  1. Louise says:

    Looks like you are having fun. I will show this to mum.

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