My favourite music era

As is probably obvious from the fact that I have a Music Category I am passionate about Music. For me the answer to the question, what could I not do without after my fantastic family, it would be music.

I am always listening to music or watching video clips. Saturdays tuned into Max on Foxtel, playing a CD, watching a music DVD/Bluray, logged into Spotify, Pandora or a visit to the CD shop are all very much part of my day.

So today when I checked to see what Max were featuring I knew the challenge of what to play whilst writing my monthly article for a local newspaper and completing my journal entry for Uni was solved: Top 70 from the 70s.

I was a teenager for most of the 70s

and as I think about my favourite artists most apart from The Beatles and Tori Amos were at their peak during that decade.

I have so many LPs, CDs and now playlists from the period. Favourite albums such as Born To Run, Blood on the Tracks, Court and Spark, The Kick Inside, Running on Empty and Every Good Boy Deserves Favour were all bought on vinyl during the 70s and are now owned on CD and are on my iPod and in the Cloud!

I played my vinyl version of Born to Run so much I had to buy another copy!

There were also so many amazing songs from the period, American Pie, Bohemian Rhapsody, Wuthering Heights, Born to Run(!), Desparado, Somebody’s Baby, Band on the Run, and on I could go.

For me I am happy to listen to music from any era but my favourite is the 70s.

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