It’s Negroni not coffee this week

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Negroni – Second Valley style

Well this week we won’t be sharing a coffee rather it will be a Negroni! After all,it is Negroni week .

Negronis have become our drink of choice. A wonderful aperitif that doesn’t seem to be climate dependent. Whether at home, at the beach (Second Valley) in a local bar or somewhere on our travels they have been a highlight. In Australia they are carefully measured, unless you having one of my homemade versions, whereas in many of the bars we sampled them in Italy it was a “glug” of Gin, Campari and Vermouth making them all the more special.

After a Negroni or two the conversation often becomes obtuse. For example – unusual words in songs.

“moot” in Rick Springfield’s Jessy’s Girl – surely a little sophisticated for a song like this?

“gavotte” in Carly Simon’s Your so Vain – Carly Simon in Variety discusses why she used the word which means a French dance. Continue reading

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Diary of a Slow Traveller – Street Art

It seems that if you give someone a blank space some one will fill it.

Perhaps since our trip to Berlin and a stroll down the Eastside Gallery I have come to appreciate  a city’s street art.

With Slow Travel there is plenty of time to take it in. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking

Perhaps Berlin's most famous piece of street art

Perhaps Berlin’s most famous piece of street art

The biggest paste up I have ever seen - Berlin

The biggest paste up I have ever seen – Berlin

What else  do you  put on the wall.

It was almost worth staying on the fifth floor of this hotel with the lifts not working for the funky art.

Jules & Jim Hotel - Paris

Jules & Jim Hotel – Paris

A selection of the street art from our three months in Italy.

This picture seemed so apt. I’d taken a wrong turn in Florence and was confronted with a very angry Pokemon!

Backstreets of Florence

Backstreets of Florence


I have posted this elsewhere but perhaps this disused planter box was the epitome of my time in Sicily

2016-01-01 13.51.47

Street art is one of the many delights of Palermo. Continue reading

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A reflection

Hardware Societe - Melbourne

Hardware Societe – Melbourne

I use the weekend coffee share post as my period of reflection. The opportunity to think back over my week. What better to do than over a coffee?

This week I have written more than a thousand words on my PhD Thesis proposal. It’s also been a week where I have found an opportunity to pursue an idea I have been musing over, about converting my own experiences in transitioning to retirement into something that might be useful for others facing the same daunting challenge.

It’s also been a week where I rediscovered the music of The Moody Blues, a band that had been a regular listen during my high school years. This might seem unimportant but as I’ve wrestled with my thesis proposal I’ve been frustrated about what music to listen too!

While making a serious start on my thesis proposal is important, it’s been the concept of converting my own experiences into something that others might find useful, as they plan their own transitions that has captured my imagination. Continue reading

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Diary of a Slow traveller – Airports

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The title of today’s Daily Prompt, Chaos made me think immediately of international airports. No matter how you plan, whether you have access to an airport lounge there is something about an airport that screams CHAOS!

What time do I need to leave the hotel by to get to the airport?
Will the train get me there on time? Should I get a cab? What time do I need a cab?

Where is the departure gate?  There are only about 300 of them in Changi, Dubai, Rome?

Do I have my passport? How many times will I check to make sure while I’m in line?

Then once I get on the plane – will I be able to store my carry-on conveniently? Am the only person who has read the size rules?

Then arriving – what line do I need to be in? Will my luggage arrive? It hasn’t before.

The list of questions goes on and on?

Does Chaos spring to mind as you think of airports?


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Diary of a Slow Traveller – The Food, Siracusa, Sicily

2015-12-17 17.43.59


Sitting at our favourite local coffee shop on a lovely Adelaide Autumn day, my favourite person and I quickly returned to our usual conversation – Sicily and when we can get back there.

There are so many things to talk about when it comes to Sicily but it’s the food that becomes the centre piece of pretty much all of our coffee conversations. Is it the freshness, the fish caught that morning, the local vegetables (seasonal produce only) or  the sweet temptations?

Oranges and Grapes a t the market

Oranges and Grapes a t the market

I guess it depends on what takes your fancy and across our nearly 2 months in Siracusa it all took its turn in delighting us. Staying so close to the Ortigia food market all food thoughts started at this truly special local market, just over the bridge on the island of Ortigia and next to the ancient Temple of Apollo. The choices grapes, pears, carrots, brocolli romanescue, bread, meats, fish and cheeses.

Fresh fish - Ortigia Market

Fresh fish – Ortigia Market

Even on days when we didn’t plan to cook in our apartment,  we still seemed to find things to buy at this delightful local market. Continue reading

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