Diary of a Slow traveller – Airports

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The title of today’s Daily Prompt, Chaos made me think immediately of international airports. No matter how you plan, whether you have access to an airport lounge there is something about an airport that screams CHAOS!

What time do I need to leave the hotel by to get to the airport?
Will the train get me there on time? Should I get a cab? What time do I need a cab?

Where is the departure gate?  There are only about 300 of them in Changi, Dubai, Rome?

Do I have my passport? How many times will I check to make sure while I’m in line?

Then once I get on the plane – will I be able to store my carry-on conveniently? Am the only person who has read the size rules?

Then arriving – what line do I need to be in? Will my luggage arrive? It hasn’t before.

The list of questions goes on and on?

Does Chaos spring to mind as you think of airports?


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Diary of a Slow Traveller – The Food, Siracusa, Sicily

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Sitting at our favourite local coffee shop on a lovely Adelaide Autumn day, my favourite person and I quickly returned to our usual conversation – Sicily and when we can get back there.

There are so many things to talk about when it comes to Sicily but it’s the food that becomes the centre piece of pretty much all of our coffee conversations. Is it the freshness, the fish caught that morning, the local vegetables (seasonal produce only) or  the sweet temptations?

Oranges and Grapes a t the market

Oranges and Grapes a t the market

I guess it depends on what takes your fancy and across our nearly 2 months in Siracusa it all took its turn in delighting us. Staying so close to the Ortigia food market all food thoughts started at this truly special local market, just over the bridge on the island of Ortigia and next to the ancient Temple of Apollo. The choices grapes, pears, carrots, brocolli romanescue, bread, meats, fish and cheeses.

Fresh fish - Ortigia Market

Fresh fish – Ortigia Market

Even on days when we didn’t plan to cook in our apartment,  we still seemed to find things to buy at this delightful local market. Continue reading

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Why do we do this?

Gran Caffe Gambrinus -Naples

Gran Caffe Gambrinus -Naples

If we were having coffee I would ask you why do you write your blog?

Is it in the hope that you’ll make your fortune, that someone will actually read and like it, or some other reason?

As I was sitting at coffee this morning I was asking myself these very questions. This was in part because I was surprised that almost no one had viewed my post on Record Store Day.  Sipping my flat white, I asked myself why it mattered? Normally I’m not fussed because my blog although public was more an outlet for me to meet a goal I set myself of writing a thousand words a month as I planned for “What’s Next” . I worked out early that there was no fortune to be made with www.browney237.com!

As I reflected on this, I realised that my post on Record Store Day had been written from a different perspective to many of my other posts. Continue reading

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The Diary of a Slow Traveller – Sunglasses at Mt Etna

Coffee after our early morning bike ride is part of my weekly ritual.

During the week I was sitting with my riding buddies at coffee lamenting not having sunglasses to deal with the morning glare. It provided me with a great opportunity to talk about how my sunglasses got wrecked at Mt Etna.

Mt Etna

Mt Etna

It was on our two daughters’ last day in Sicily before they headed off for the next part of their holiday. We organized a day tour to Mt Etna. While my favourite person, our youngest daughter and I had been there before, our eldest daughter hadn’t and was super keen so I arranged a tour rather than a self drive. Continue reading

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It’s Record Store Day 2016

Record Store Day


I received a message from Pandora and saw a post on Guardian Sleeve Notes  that it was Record Store Day. How ironic that over the last few weeks I have started frequenting record stores again.

A couple of weeks ago I got my turntable and old amp out and starting playing some records (yes real vinyl). Some stuff I hadn’t listened to for years – Fragile by Yes, Indian Summer – Al Stewart Live, and an old Australian compilation Trax to name just a few. It was like opening a time capsule.

I have hundreds of records spanning from my first purchase of Abbey Road to my last made just a couple of weeks ago Accoustic by Joni Mitchell. It used to be a ritual starting in the late sixties going into the local record store Continue reading

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