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For the last three weeks I seem to have found reasons not to start typing my thesis. I know I have all year to get it done and it’s a minor thesis (20,000 words) but the time really has come. It’s already mid-February and I had planned to be well underway by now but I am not really that far advanced.

I’ve used the excuse that my laptop has been in for repairs eventhough all my files are accessible through Dropbox. Then it’s been I haven’t been able to access EndNote because it’s on my laptop. But really enough is now enough.

I’ve settled on my Research Question, to be honest I did that in December! I’ve identified my sample frame and have all the contact information. My ethics approval for my research is done.

Today my laptop will be back from its sabbatical and ready to go. I know that what I start writing will not get much beyond that first draft. It will be ordinary and need many rewrites but that will be better than a blank screen which is the current position!

The time has really come – I need to get on with it.

On my wall is a quote that will hopefully provide inspiration.



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5 Responses to What’s on my study wall

  1. Greg Hobby says:

    Hello Browney,
    Great news! Your next writing adventure has begun.
    When we catch-up on Friday I’d like to tell you Dianne Warren’s story about preparing to write…it’s very similar to your own. Dianne has achieved 12 Grammy Awards nominations, seven Academy Award nominations and five Golden Globe nominations for songwriting. You’re in good company, Browney.
    Have a great writing day.

  2. David Perry says:

    Great quote! Sometimes it’s best to just start typing and getting ideas out of your head and onto the screen. Once you do that, new ideas have room to start coming forward.

    Good luck!!!

  3. Put more concisely (in my professor’s words), “Don’t get it right; get it written.” I admire you for calling it quits on making excuses, but it is truly much easier to be productive with you’ve got everything set up just as you like it!

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