Why do I Read & Write?

Why do I read?

As a child I did not read much. I do not think it was encouraged, but then again I do not think it was discouraged either. Reading just did not seem important at home when compared to the other things in our lives such as playing sport. I regret that now.

Through school and University it was a chore. The fact I was a slow reader was a factor, more likely an excuse on reflection.

For most of my working life I have
used the excuse that I read all day and continued with I am slow reader which I am. I also used to say it was not relaxing.

In the last few years I have realised how wrong I was and now read very much for enjoyment. I read in my spare time and on planes which I catch a lot. I no longer dive for the inflight magazine to see what’s on during the flight, instead I grab my iPad and read. It makes the journey go faster and I get more out if it. Why did it take me so long to work this out?

I read to learn, to share others experiences particularly about my passion for travel. I also read fiction, something I have not done since school!

Last year over the space of a few short weeks I read the majority of Graham Greene’s novels and loved them. I remember sitting up most of the night to finish, The End of the Affair, and doing something I had never done before which was taking a novel to finish at the gym!

I have even re read The Great Gatsby recently and really enjoyed it.

I think that’s the point I love reading!

Why do I write?

I write for enjoyment and to challenge myself. I want to get better at it. I write because I can’t play music and writing is a way to exorcise my desire to create something. That might sound trite but I do not want to get to seventy five and look back and say I have not left my mark.

I write to challenge myself. I started a year ago with the goal of a thousand words a month, then I established this blog. It was a way to keep me honest. It was there for all ( realistically very few to see) but it was a way to make myself accountable.

Now a year on its actually fun. I am getting better and enjoying it more. I am trying new things and styles and learning about how to write. My writing is getting better.

Maybe one day I will achieve my goal of leaving a mark!

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