Adelaide Oval

I regularly post about Adelaide, as I am proud South Australia, so please indulge me with a few photos of our fantastic new Adelaide Oval.

If the ground draws me to watch the Crows arch rival Port Adelaide it must be special!








Wikipedia provides a useful history of this famous oval

Link to Adelaide Oval website

Let’s face it, I’m a petrol head!

We live about 250 metres from Adelaide’s Street Circuit. Each year in late February it comes alive to the sounds of V8 Supercars. For many it’s a time to get out of the city, but for me it’s an added bonus of living in the city.

Adelaide for a short while hosted an F1 Grand Prix which was lost to Melbourne quite controversially in the late 1990s. The loss of the race is something South Australians still regard as “dirty darts”, Continue reading

The Year Truly Begins

As usual my day starts with breakfast taking in some music videos, but this week is different. It’s after Australia Day, schools back (not that this matters to us, our children are well past that) and everyone is back from the beach. The morning traffic indicates the business year has reached its true starting point.

It’s hard for my overseas colleagues to understand, but from mid December until after Australia Day it’s holidays.

The country really does stop. Business shuts with at best skeleton staff on, Restaurants take a few weeks off . Even emails drys up! It’s a time for the beach, watching the cricket, catching up with friends, that’s what this time is all about.



Across these few weeks it’s easier to find business colleagues at Victor Harbour ( that’s why we prefer Second Valley) our major beach holiday town than it is in Adelaide.

Whilst people tend to return to work after New Year they will take a day off here or there, leave early ( why not its hot and the beach or pool is calling!)) so achieving much beyond that which was on board before Christmas is often difficult.

That’s all different from today. No more excuses, time to get down to it and I’m looking forward to it.

Tour Down Under – Southern Fleurieu




Today’s stage of Australia’s major bike race was in my favourite part of South Australia. It was a glorious day as I set out for a ride to take in the atmosphere. It was also the stage where the public get to ride the stage, so rather than being a lone ride there were thousands of fellow cyclists on the road.

The stage started in the city and then worked its way down to the Southern Fleurieu with the highlight of the stage being the ride across the Myponga Dam Wall




I rode to the hill Continue reading