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Thank you Spotify, Pandora and iTunes

My thesis is now submitted. Yippee! My computer has seized up. It’s last action being to successfully convert my thesis from Word to PDF. After that it simply gave up and so has my brain.  The submission process was like … Continue reading

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It’s about pleasing the examiners!

   After nearly 2 years of study I will be submitting my thesis in two weeks.  A mild panic has set in. It’s all written. It’s been reviewed by my supervisor and an independent reviewer. I have all of their … Continue reading

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My Blog is Three!

   So my blog turned three in the last few days. It survived the “Terrible Twos” with sporadic posts on topics ranging from travel, music, books, What’s Next, and study. What my blog celebrates most is the period of transition that the … Continue reading

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The heat is on!

While I still have three months until my thesis is due, it’s really only two months and then it’s actually only about three weeks. This is because it needs a preread by a non-examiner to make sure I’m on track(hope … Continue reading

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Shut Up and Write

My university along with many others has adopted the concept of “Shut up and Write” where there are designated times that students commit to just writing. It’s a great way to simply get on with it.  This is something I’ve … Continue reading

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