The Royal Birth

It was so pleasing that the Prince and Duchess waited until we arrived in London for the Royal Birth. Normal big news like the fact that it may also be the warmest night on record seemed pretty minor on our arrival given the news of the birth.

That said it was hot even by Australian standards.




With the papers and TV full of coverage of the new Prince’s birth we thought we should visit Buckingham Palace. We were not the only people who had that thought! As well as the thousands of people there was a real media scrum!

The Post Office Tower proclaimed the birth quite simply with – “It’s a boy”.

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Weekend in Edinburgh

After three relaxing train trips through Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic our next travel day involved flying from Berlin to Edinburgh via London. Passport control and security checks leaving Berlin were fairly straight forward, however it is a major process at Heathrow including being photographed on entry and exit to the transit area.

Our stopover at Heathrow was short, just long enough to check the scores for the Lords Test – wish I hadn’t!

We had eyed The Balmoral off as the place to stay but it was booked out, as was most accommodation that we had considered.

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Less than Two Weeks to go

With less than two weeks until we get on the plane, I finally have some time to think about what we’ll do while we are away.

With my last assignment for this semester completed and my article for The Adelaide Review submitted its only a week or so more in the office and then on the plane.

I am slightly nervous about how the flight will go – a 2.10am flight out of Melbourne will make for a long night. Actually it will make that a very long night! Still we used frequent flyer points and booked late, so it’s not that surprising that our flight time isn’t the most convenient.

Our itinerary

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Italy 2014 – The Christmas Break

For the first time in a number of years I had a full 2 week break at Christmas. Something to really enjoy, a time to relax, catch up with friends, family and to do some planning for Italy!

We had been discussing the idea of three months in a little town on the Amalfi Coast. We love the area and its breathtaking scenery.

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