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A Short Stop in the Eternal City, Rome, Italy

As generally happens over an extended holiday, some days are better than others and I would have to say the latter few days in the UK and Ireland were not the best of our trip. Pouring rain to greet and … Continue reading

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Diary of a Slow traveller – Airports

  The title of today’s Daily Prompt, Chaos made me think immediately of international airports. No matter how you plan, whether you have access to an airport lounge there is something about an airport that screams CHAOS! What time do I need … Continue reading

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Out and about in Rome – Frascati

Continuing with a desire to expand our horizons away from the heart of The Eternal City we decided to “Do as the Romans Do” and go to Frascati for the day, or more particularly for lunch. Frascati is a small … Continue reading

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Out and about in Rome

It is so easy to get stuck in Rome and not venture far afield. There is quite literally something amazing at every turn. An ancient ruin here, a church there and of course an obelisk always nearby. There is also some … Continue reading

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Italy 2014 – an idea!

This is the first of what I hope will be a series of blog posts about my planning for and stay in Italy in 2014. So often I have read books, blogs, articles about time in Europe mostly from the … Continue reading

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