The Sound of Music – 50 years on

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Its 50 years ago today that the immortal Sound of Music hit the screens. I would be lying to say that I don’t still enjoy the soundtrack.

I haven’t seen the movie for some years, but I must have seen it 50 times. I stopped counting after I’d seen it 7 times in the theatre as a child. I remember the first time I saw it, a Saturday matinee at the now defunct Regent Theatre.


My grandparents took my sister and I for a Saturday outing, Something they did most weekends when we were little. After that I don’t recall who I saw it with, though I am fairly sure it wasn’t with my school friends, as none of us would have admitted we liked it – it just wouldn’t have been cool. Then as ¬†our own children were little I remember watching it with them.

From the opening scene until the end it’s just a classic of its time. We certainly don’t make musicals like that these days.

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Springsteen & I – A Fan’s Review

I saw my rock and roll past flash before my eyes. I saw something else: I saw rock and roll’s future and its name is Bruce Springsteen.
– Jon Landau, May 1974.

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Springsteen & I pays homage to a true Rock Icon!

This is a fan’s movie, made by fans about their (and my) rock hero.

Icon and iconic are terms bandied around too much these days – one hit and you’re there, but with Springsteen it was after his third album that he truly moved to iconic status and it’s Born to Run that are my three words to describe Springsteen.

The personal accounts

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Dr Who – 50 Years

Just been for a wander around my office to discuss the upcoming 50th Anniversary of Dr Who.

The excitement is building. I had managed to contain it until a family dinner last night where it seemed next Sunday’s ( we are in Australia) 50th Anniversary episode of Dr Who was the only topic of conversation.

We covered the important questions. Who is your favourite Doctor? What was your favourite adventure? Can there ever be a better assistant than Romana? It easily filled a whole family dinner!

Well here are some of my answers.

I always like the current Doctor best. As a poster on the BBC’s #savetheday site says it’s OK to have a favourite and like them all.

The Key to Time series was definitely my favourite, although Blink was fantastic.

No, there can’t be a better assistant than Romana, although I have a super soft spot for each of Sarah-Jane, Rose and Amy Pond.

Funnily enough there wasn’t agreement on much of this over dinner.

As a survivor of Dr Who since the beginning, I can’t believe that it’s been fifty years since my sister and I first started watching from behind the lounge chair, something one of our daughters also did when she was little. She still says Dr Who gives her nightmares.

Just a few more days and it will be up early to watch the Day of the Doctor. It’s going to be awesome!

Memories of a Great Concert


I have been on a walk down memory lane, sparked by my recent visit to the local music store, and purchase of Paul McCartney and Wings’ Rockshow on Bluray. It bought the memories flooding back of the Adelaide leg of the Wings Over The World Tour just prior to my year 12 Exams in November1975.

The concert was at the now demolished Apollo Stadium, which was a basketball stadium that converted to a concert venue for about four thousand people. It was a great venue, no bad seats and everyone close to the stage.

As I wandered back to the office after making my purchase I had a chuckle about how I came by my ticket and the hysteria that the Paul McCartney visit had brought.

Tickets were nearly impossible to get

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Les Miserables – Highlights from the Motion Picture


So it’s been a few weeks since I first saw the movie and I am in withdrawal!

For all who are suffering from similar symptoms and don’t feel they can go and see the movie again – even if it is awesome and worth seeing again anyway – the CD/itunes playlist is a quick fix.

A listen to the highlights quickly makes you realise that the cast can sing – yes even Russell Crowe. Anne Hathaway version of is truly amazing – I so hope she wins the Oscar. Continue reading