Bob Dylan – The Beginning the Middle and the End or The Barometer of our Times?

While I had friends whose older brothers introduced me to Bob Dylan in the late sixties it was a school teacher when I was about 15 who truly introduced me to Dylan.

I remember his words “Dylan is the beginning the middle and the end” and I have no doubt he meant it. I am not sure whether they were his own words, an adaption of someone else’s or a direct quote. Another quote I liked was “Dylan is the barometer of our times”. Again I’m not sure to whom that quote should be attributed, however through the sixties and seventies it seemed apt.

So,why the discussion about Dylan?

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Springsteen – He’s in my Hometown


It’s only eleven months since after the best part of forty years I saw Bruce Springsteen again and this time in my hometown of Adelaide.

This is the best concert I’ve seen since I saw Springsteen last year and that was the best concert I’d ever been too!

To say I am a fan would be a gross understatement. Just thinking of the concert whilst I write this post sends shivers down my spine. I’m sitting in a plane going back to Perth for the second time in the week listening to The Boss and the memories flood back.

It was another stinking hot night in Adelaide and

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I had “High Hopes” – Bruce Springsteen’s latest


I found Bruce Springsteen’s “High Hopes” on Spotify today providing me an early opportunity to listen to it as it was not available at my local CD store.

I’d read a few reviews in the lead up to the release of this album and they hadn’t necessarily been fulsome in their praise. As a result I was a little uneasy as I hit the play button on my iPhone.

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Shorrock & Cadd – Rock and Roll Royalty


There is something pretty special seeing Australia’s own Rock and Roll Royalty and Friday Night at Her Majesty’s in Adelaide was just such an occasion.

An audience of 50 plussers talking about their grand kids and rocking away – all a bit incongruous but that was how it was.

From the first song to the last, it was a walk down memory lane for the audience who just like me lapped it up.

The first set was a history of Australian Rock which was no surprise given Brian Cadd and Glen Shorrock feature so heavily in it. Covers demonstrating their influences, The Rolling Stones, Beatles and Everley Brothers and then into their own early bands, The Twilights and The Group. With a backing band that included the other two members of Axiom, a lazy 40 years on, we were treated to Arkansas Grass, Ford’s Bridge and to end the set Little Ray of Sunshine.

The stories

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Memories of a Great Concert


I have been on a walk down memory lane, sparked by my recent visit to the local music store, and purchase of Paul McCartney and Wings’ Rockshow on Bluray. It bought the memories flooding back of the Adelaide leg of the Wings Over The World Tour just prior to my year 12 Exams in November1975.

The concert was at the now demolished Apollo Stadium, which was a basketball stadium that converted to a concert venue for about four thousand people. It was a great venue, no bad seats and everyone close to the stage.

As I wandered back to the office after making my purchase I had a chuckle about how I came by my ticket and the hysteria that the Paul McCartney visit had brought.

Tickets were nearly impossible to get

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