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So it’s been 6 months and where am I – my PhD

I have just submitted my first milestone document in the PhD program at my University; a document that took many weeks (months actually) to prepare that I doubt will ever be be looked at! The document is a compliance step, … Continue reading

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A reflection

I use the weekend coffee share post as my period of reflection. The opportunity to think back over my week. What better to do than over a coffee? This week I have written more than a thousand words on my PhD … Continue reading

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It’s time for Study!

  In recent weeks as our time away recedes to a very lovely memory its been back to study. Days spent walking the Island of Ortigia with the only concern being where to find a coffee have been replaced with … Continue reading

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Thank you Spotify, Pandora and iTunes

My thesis is now submitted. Yippee! My computer has seized up. It’s last action being to successfully convert my thesis from Word to PDF. After that it simply gave up and so has my brain.  The submission process was like … Continue reading

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It’s about pleasing the examiners!

   After nearly 2 years of study I will be submitting my thesis in two weeks.  A mild panic has set in. It’s all written. It’s been reviewed by my supervisor and an independent reviewer. I have all of their … Continue reading

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