Posts I Like

So often I find amazing posts that I’d like to go back to or share with others. This page is where I will keep them.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do

In praise of academic spouses – this is all true. I’d never be where I am without my wife’s amazing support!

The Joy of Slow Travel  – you don’t have to go far to enjoy slow travel

The link between the literature – A golden piece of advice for those early in their PhD

What is Slow Travel – excellent post on Slow Travel

Homesick for Sicily – 2 months in Sicily in just 5 minutes – how did they do it?

History of the Negroni – The story of one of my favourite drinks

First Day – Day One for a fellow mature age student. It’s a really well written post.

Traditional Coffee Pots – I have such great memories of these wonderful little coffee pots!

Merry Christmas – really captures the essence of Christmas – I guess I am just biased!

Tour de France explained short animated video explaining the Tour. A reblog from Cycling Europe

Glamour kills – personal story of the perils of drug use – a very personal and powerful commentary on why drugs just aren’t cool.

People Won’t Let Go – a great post that reminds us it’s our own life to live.

Pessimistic Youth – A thought provoking post about the lack of optimism of our youth

Ordinary Travels – Blogs of Note – Thanks so much for the idea

Retire and Travel the World – these guys prove it can be done on a budget!

How to annoy a train load of people in eight easy steps – it wasn’t about me but could easily have been!

My Top 5s of a wonderful three weeks in Europe – self indulgent I know.


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