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What streaming service to listen too

If you were a regular coffee buddy of mine you’d already know that my life runs on music. You’d also know that I am in the first year of a PhD program that follows on from completing Honours last year. … Continue reading

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Thank you Spotify, Pandora and iTunes

My thesis is now submitted. Yippee! My computer has seized up. It’s last action being to successfully convert my thesis from Word to PDF. After that it simply gave up and so has my brain.  The submission process was like … Continue reading

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Well that’s done but it couldn’t have been done without the music or The future is Streaming!

20,000 words, an exam and oral presentation and this academic year is done! Maybe just as significant is the amount of music listened too. Day after day, Spotify has continued to provide a seemingly endless stream of music, supported by … Continue reading

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Study and what to listen too?

I have always studied and worked listening to music. It provides a background to block out other distractions and it’s a technique I have used since my school days. My year 12 was completely dominated by Born to Run! Through … Continue reading

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Christmas Music

Earlier in the week my wife said it didn’t feel like Christmas. As we discussed this further it became obvious why – a lack of Bing! That’s right, not Bling but Bing! For her Christmas is synonymous with White Christmas. … Continue reading

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