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From unpacked with places to go to packed and ready to go

Italy 2015 beckons! We have moved from    to    So now we are actually ready to go. We quickly moved past the “we can get by with one bag” to “don’t be silly, of course we need two”. It’s … Continue reading

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Planning for our time away

It’s two weeks until we finally start our 3 months in Italy. In my list of What’s Next it’s been an ever present. It’s been the subject of a number of posts over the last three years and now it’s actually within touching … Continue reading

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Are Cyclists like Cats on a Rainy day?

I was struck by a thought as I walked back from University on a wet cold Adelaide winter’s day. Are Cyclists like Cats on a Rainy day? On rainy days our cat wanders from window to window seeing if it … Continue reading

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So that’s Chapter 3 not done

The last week or so has seen  a concerted effort to get Chapter 3 of my thesis my Research Methodology completed for discussion with my supervisor. I’d reworked and reworked the draft over the last few weeks. I was happy … Continue reading

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Next week will be “What’s Next”!

While I will have a little tidying up  through April, this is the last week in the office of a firm I have worked at for over 20 years and in an environment that has consumed me for over37 years. … Continue reading

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