Les Miserables – Highlights from the Motion Picture


So it’s been a few weeks since I first saw the movie and I am in withdrawal!

For all who are suffering from similar symptoms and don’t feel they can go and see the movie again – even if it is awesome and worth seeing again anyway – the CD/itunes playlist is a quick fix.

A listen to the highlights quickly makes you realise that the cast can sing – yes even Russell Crowe. Anne Hathaway version of is truly amazing – I so hope she wins the Oscar. Continue reading

Les Miserables – The Movie

So I am a self confessed Les Mis desperate. Ever since I saw the musical in Melbourne in the late 1980s I have just never been able to get enough of it!

It’s no surprise that on Boxing Day I went full of anticipation to see the Movie. I was not sure what to expect. Russell Crowe as Javert, Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean etc. There had been so much discussion

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