He’s still “The Boss”

For almost forty years I had read reviews telling how amazing Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are live! I had my chance to see if they were right on 27 March 2013 a date that wil forever be etched in my memory!

From the opening song Long Walk Home to the final song American Land, I along with a capacity crowd at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne were spellbound by the electricity which “The Boss” exudes. Springsteen had the audience eating out of his hands. How is that after so many years of touring you can come on stage and still be at the top of your game?

He is a master

and simply owned the arena for three hours. He played the songs he wanted, as well as those the crowd asked for; grabbing signs from the crowd as a prompt for the next song. His comfort with the audience meant, his and the band’s, walks through the crowd were all done with a minimum of fuss and lapped up by the audience. He even crowd surfed his way back to the stage on one occassion!

A quick look at my iPod shows I have hundreds of Springsteen songs and I hoped some of my own favourites would be played. I wasn’t disappointed: We Take Care of our Own, Candy’s Room ( an audience vote was made to select this), Jungleland, Bandlands and the anthem, Born to Run we’re all there, along with many, many more.

Songs that don’t regularly come on my playlist, Pay me My Money Down, The Ghost of Tom Joad, My love will not let you Down were also highlights, with Better Days another audience request played for the first time in concert since 2003! We were privileged!

Loud, slick and brassy were features of the incomparable E Street Band! Seventeen members in all, including “The Boss”, Nils Loftgren, Jake Clemons, and Roy Bittand, Garry Tallent, & Max Weinberg there – just incredible!

I am not surprised people follow Springsteen around the world; he is a master performer with an extensive repertoire which fully explores.

It won’t be another forty years before I see “The Boss” again.



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  1. Bruce and the ESB are highly highly addictive, they should come with a health warning. Ah yes must plan holidays around Bruce tours…has been done before why not again lol.

    Glad you had the opportunity to see the best show of the Australian tour.

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