Next week will be “What’s Next”!

While I will have a little tidying up  through April, this is the last week in the office of a firm I have worked at for over 20 years and in an environment that has consumed me for over37 years. Wow!

This is the last week for saying “I’ll see you during the week”. My formal client roles are pretty much all dealt with.  I’ve attended my last partners meeting! It’s pretty much done.

All that’s left is to tidy up, have some final individual chat’s with my team and attend a couple of farewell events  and then Friday night my career in professional services will be over.

This week is truly my last week of transition. After that it’s not transition, it’s actually “What’s Next”.

Time for riding, study, tutoring, travel and…

Dawn Second Valley

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2 Responses to Next week will be “What’s Next”!

  1. Greg Hobby says:

    Yeah hah! The great new adventure of a great and new-thinking man begins. What a fantastic time Browney.
    See you soon.

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