The Year Truly Begins

As usual my day starts with breakfast taking in some music videos, but this week is different. It’s after Australia Day, schools back (not that this matters to us, our children are well past that) and everyone is back from the beach. The morning traffic indicates the business year has reached its true starting point.

It’s hard for my overseas colleagues to understand, but from mid December until after Australia Day it’s holidays.

The country really does stop. Business shuts with at best skeleton staff on, Restaurants take a few weeks off . Even emails drys up! It’s a time for the beach, watching the cricket, catching up with friends, that’s what this time is all about.



Across these few weeks it’s easier to find business colleagues at Victor Harbour ( that’s why we prefer Second Valley) our major beach holiday town than it is in Adelaide.

Whilst people tend to return to work after New Year they will take a day off here or there, leave early ( why not its hot and the beach or pool is calling!)) so achieving much beyond that which was on board before Christmas is often difficult.

That’s all different from today. No more excuses, time to get down to it and I’m looking forward to it.

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6 Responses to The Year Truly Begins

  1. David Perry says:

    I can relate to this because in France everything slows down in July and August so that September is really the beginning of the new year. I even have an appointment book (showing my age there, most people use their smart phone for that…but not me!) that is from September to August!

  2. You have described the feel of January in Australia well. I visited Victor Harbour in 2012, such a pretty place. Was disappointed the horse and carriage that runs three was out of action due to some repair work. Oh well , excuse for another visit.

    • browney says:

      Victor is an iconic SA destination. Sorry you missed the horse and carriage ride, it’s fun and a great childhood memory of summers with my grandparents.

      Thanks for visiting.

  3. helen meikle's scribblefest says:

    I’m seeing it from the other perspective. The tourists have all gone home and the beach is all mine again!

    • browney says:

      Thanks for visiting and your thoughts.
      We have a beach house on the coast of South Australia which we like most after the crowds have gone.

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