What great memories – Peter Endersbee RIP

It was with great sadness that I read today of the death of Peter Endersbee.

Peter Endersbee was a member of the Sturt Football Club at a time when they were near unbeatable.  He was an important part of my early life, one of my many football heroes in the team that I supported through a period of near unprecedented success.

From 1966 to 1970 Sturt won 5 Premierships in the SANFL.

Under their master coach Jack Oatey, Sturt introduced handball as an attacking tool in Australian Rules Football. I know Ron Barassi is always given that accolade, but I suspect he saw it used to devastating advantage in end of season game between Sturt and Carlton and as the then VFL was the senior league, his promulgation of it is why he is given such credit. For those of us who support Sturt, I think we all believe something different!

It was in the 1968 SANFL Grand Final that Peter Endersbee became famous with two goals from the then squared off boundary lines of Adelaide Oval. His checkside punt goals from the pocket now famously “the Eddie Betts pocket” (that’s another story) were as The Advertiser rightly what has sent Peter Endersbee into the  folklore of our game. As a then 9 year old, and one of the 57,811 crowd,  I don’t think I realised that nearly 50 years later I would be writing this and remembering those moments like they were yesterday.

Peter Endersbee was an enigma in the Sturt team of that time. It was a team filled with immense talent but very much giving the appearance of being straight laced. But not Peter Endersbee – he was different a character and one we as supporters loved. To be fair we loved them all!!

He alongside Paul Bagshaw (recently inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame), John Halbert, Keith Chessell, Dr Tony Clarkson (who retired early to pursue his medical career – how times have changed), Sandy Nelson, Rick Schoff, John Murphy and so many more were all my heroes. Unfortunately, as I reflect on Peter Endersbee it is also sad that others, such as Brenton Miels and Bob Shearman are no longer with us.

This was a golden era in my life. One that was made all the better by the feats of Peter Endersbee. May he Rest in Peace.


Postscript – Sturt win’s 2016 SANFL Grand Final


Photos sourced from The Advertiser – 28 June 2016

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12 Responses to What great memories – Peter Endersbee RIP

  1. Clive says:

    It’s always sad when we lose our heroes, my condolences. It’s not a sport that gets much coverage over here but BT Sport show some games on a Saturday morning and I enjoy watching them – if I’m awake in time!

    • browney says:

      Thanks Clive – a sad time filled with amazing memories.
      If you do watch remember The Crows are your team!😄😄

  2. Brian says:

    Read about Peter’s death in the Advertiser this morning. I watched the 1968 Grand Final on TV and thought back to those two checkside goals kicked in the first minutes of the game. Not only were they kicked from a difficult angle, they were kicked into a strong wind. Brilliant. I think Ian Day was one of the commentators.

    He was a gifted footballer, skillful, athletic and unusally tall for the roving position he played, but what set him apart for me was that he prospered in that environment despite being obviously different. At the same time as he was playing football with his long hair and occasional beard in a great team packed with prodigiously talented footballers he was attending Flinders University studying Drama. A different cat altogether.

    • browney says:

      Thanks for your comments.
      You certainly have a very good memory. I’m sure Ian Day would have been commentating.

  3. Adrian says:

    Yes indeed great memories back when football was at its most enjoyable.
    Will always remember as a boy squeezing into Unley Oval when we ever played Port Adelaide, the ground was at bursting point.
    Watching the football television previews with “Comment Wally May” : Ian Aitken; Ken Hall; Ken Cunningham; Merve Agars and others I cannot remember.
    RIP Peter!

    • browney says:

      I remember going to Unley on a holiday Monday (Easter, I think) when Sturt played Norwood and there were just over 19000 people. Jammed in like sardines.
      As much as I enjoy going to watch The Crows I do miss suburban football. They were great days.
      One of my all time favourite days was seeing Bob Shearman lob a ball from centre into the tennis courts and hearing the commentator when we got home to watch the replay saying He’s acing them in the backhand court.

  4. Steve says:

    I was lucky to meet Peter Endersbee (Endo) in the early 60’s at Mitcham Primary School. He was bound to be a champion footballer – obvious early – as a high marking 10 year old. He played at Centre then (I played Rover) and was pivotal to our team’s many great wins! His strong marking and precise ball distribution then would put Dangerfield to shame today. Apart from these highlights Peter was always a great individual who took no shit from anyone (including of course Jack Oatey). An artist in all walks of life – football, drama, music and photography. So sad and sorry to hear of your early departure.

  5. Trevor Walker says:

    I first met Endo as an opponent on the sports field during our Primary School days, he at Mitcham, myself at Highgate PS. We had many a battle, but somehow he always found that extra brilliance and triumphed. We later joined forces at Unley HS, where we became great mates on & off the field. Endo was a freak. We all marvelled at his amazing skills, particularly on training nights where he would always try new things and stood out above all. He was always full of surprises and certainly danced to his own music. Never a big head, never a quitter, he was always centred on his goals, a happy go lucky bloke, who I was proud to have as a mate. Endo was always going to make his mark in whatever he turned his hand to. A sad loss.

  6. Sunny Grace says:

    Peter was my father. This is a lovely tribute. Thank you.

    • browney says:

      Thanks Sunny,
      This was a wonderful era of which your father’s own contribution was significant.

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