Status Update – the completion of the first month of “What’s Next”

Wow a month down already. Where did I have time for work?

My thesis is now back on track. I’d ignored it over the month of March as I wound out of life at my firm. I then submitted a draft of my Research Design Chapter that my supervisor said just wasn’t OK. I’ve now resubmitted it and got the OK to proceed. My data collection is moving forward with a number of hills wineries now interviewed. I still have a number to do. The interview transcripts are coming back for review and analysis. I have also made a start on my Introduction and Literature Revew a chapters. 

I have continued with my Uni tutoring, have completed one guest lecture in an MBA Program and have been invited to give another. I have also been asked to act as Research Assistant in a new project – that’s exciting! I have also at the advice of my supervisor started to meet with potential supervisors for my PhD which I hope to commence in early 2016,

I have also formalised some advisory opportunities and started to meet with my new clients. That too is very exciting and so rewarding. I am also excited at the discussions I’ve had with people about other opportunities to build new and interesting networks. 

Then there is bike riding. I’ve met my objective of riding to Mt Lofty at least once each week and increased my kilometres significantly. My objective of 2500 kilometers by 30 June may have been a little ambitious but I am getting into the hills more regularly, getting fitter and losing weight.

Then there is the matter of our plans for Italy later in the year. We have settled on an a basic itinerary and are thrilled that each of our children are planning to spend some time with us in Sicily. We still have six months before we leave so plenty of time to plan.

Oh, I have also had a few work commitments to attend too as well.

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6 Responses to Status Update – the completion of the first month of “What’s Next”

  1. Frenchydave says:

    Sounds like you’re busier now than when you were working full time. Good luck with your juggling act!

  2. Oh Italy! I travelled there June last year. My very first time! Didn’t get to Sicily so that’s a reason to return one day.

  3. Stephen K says:

    Awesome! Good to see you moving forward after resubmitting. How was lecturing? If I make it that far in my academics, that’s the thing that sounds most intimidating.

    • browney says:

      Thanks – a relief to be progressing again.
      I have presented at conferences etc in the past which helps. I am sure with practice your confidence will grow.

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