This week.

What does this week hold for me?

Each week is so full and this week is short – Easter Monday and Anzac Day. Just three work days!

From a work point of view so many of the staff are in leave this week and I suspect many of my clients will be as well. It will be a great opportunity to catch up on what has got away from me in recent weeks. My move to four day weeks to accommodate study has been a welcome change however as I am working full time there is still five days work to be done. A serious week of clearing emails ahead I hope.

I also start the University’s mentoring program this week – I’m the mentor!That should be both challenging and fun.

Also whilst we are in a study break there is still so much reading to do. I really have to come to grips with Statistics. Maybe a tutor might help? Then there is the next assignment, another 1500 words on my 10,000 word challenge before semester’s end.

Time with the family, watching Game of Thrones, keeping upto date with the EPL are also important, not to mention The Crows whose season finally seems to have started! There needs to be time for all of these as well as sleeping! Ah, sleeping, that’s definitely taken a back seat in recent weeks so much so that last night I was asleep at 8.30pm – haven’t done that since I was about 10!

I also want to find some time to get back to my blog and reading other’s blogs. Both of these seemed to have been things which have fallen by the wayside in recent weeks.

Heaven forbid that something unplanned comes up!

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8 Responses to This week.

  1. David Perry says:

    May the unplanned stay far away, Browney! And do catch up on your sleep. If you got to bed at 8:30 you’ve got some serious catching up to do!

  2. I too relate to having lots of full weeks. I have just had two weeks of holidays yet still didn’t get to fully catch up on things both work and home related. I did though get to do some fun adventures and am terribly sleep deprived. Have promised myself some time to catch up on my blog too. Oh and the unplanned happened for me too :))

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  5. mayur says:

    Good thing you got some time off!
    I liked the line about you sleeping at 8.30pm.
    I can totally relate and yet I haven’t even graduated from college.
    Good luck for your week!

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