Weekend in Edinburgh

After three relaxing train trips through Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic our next travel day involved flying from Berlin to Edinburgh via London. Passport control and security checks leaving Berlin were fairly straight forward, however it is a major process at Heathrow including being photographed on entry and exit to the transit area.

Our stopover at Heathrow was short, just long enough to check the scores for the Lords Test – wish I hadn’t!

We had eyed The Balmoral off as the place to stay but it was booked out, as was most accommodation that we had considered.

It was only when we saw The British Open on TV before we left Berlin that we realised why? Muirfield is only about 15kms away.

Our flights gave us a good opportunity to read about the heat wave the UK was experiencing. Again our jackets looked unnecessary.


We were looking forward to our time in Edinburgh to get a better feeling for what our daughter had seen and done whilst she was studying there in 2011. We were also looking forward to seeing her landlord, Craig who kindly offered to show us around whilst in Edinburgh.

It was Friday night so drinks, dinner and more drinks…


As has been the case for the whole time we have been away the night was glorious and dusk looking at the castle was sublime.


A slow start on Saturday morning, something to do with the late night and drinks at the pub with Craig and his work mates on what was going to be our walk home.

Breakfast with Craig, his mum and Flynn.



A trip to Arthur’s Seat and back into the city for a walk. The architecture is striking but it is the soft colors which have the most impact.

I also love the way Olympic Medalists are honored. In Australia they have their own postage stamp, in the UK their own post box!

As with Prague the city is full of tourists with the Royal Mile and Princess Street a sea of people.


We had lots to see but as much a anything it was nice to be shown around by someone we knew and see where Laura had spent her 6 months. We even went to the Spiegal Tent!


Sunday was also a lazy start but with the surprise benefit of listening to The Crows on the iPad as they beat Geelong. We had planned to go for a drive but this didn’t eventuate so that gave us plenty of time to do some shopping at Jack Wills, a quick visit to the Castle and then an afternoon trip to Glasgow to have dinner with Ailsa and her mum

We didn’t have a lot of time in Glasgow, just a quick look around and a really lovely dinner before the train back to Edinburgh.

We woke to fog and light rain. We nearly needed an umbrella!

Edinburgh was definitely the highlight of our time to date. Bright sunshine, fabulous atmosphere, good coffee, but most of all time with friends!

We have to come back! A weekend wasn’t long enough, just a taster really.

So onto London in a packed train.


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