Fifteen Minutes and One Post!

One of the Daily Prompts last year was to spend fifteen minutes on a topic and then publish.

So hear goes…

It’s Monday morning, a work day, and I have my long black over ice and piece of toast and Vegemite for breakfast – hardly the breakfast of champions, but something I enjoy. Mornings are my time. Usually no one else is up and I can put the music channel on and browse the news websites or as I have been doing in recent weeks, browse my WordPress Reader which is so much more relaxing!

I have found so many interesting posts and blogs, my Reader is now being updated with some of the most fabulous content. Initially I was looking for posts on topics I was interested in, but in the last week or so I have been more adventurous and it’s been fun. I visited a cooking site, I never look at cookbooks! have been excited by the energy that so many fellow bloggers have, it’s so refreshing at a time when there is so much negativity around.

Then after my toast and coffee it’s a walk to work reflecting on what I’ve read. So much more enjoyable than being dragged down by the news!

Well that’s fifteen minutes my times up and so It’s time to publish.

Not my best post I am sure, but it does show that I can do it without my usual twenty five plus edits!

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  1. I too must admit I have been enjoying the result of filling my reader . Gets the brain thinking on new ideas.

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