Why do we do this?

Gran Caffe Gambrinus -Naples

Gran Caffe Gambrinus -Naples

If we were having coffee I would ask you why do you write your blog?

Is it in the hope that you’ll make your fortune, that someone will actually read and like it, or some other reason?

As I was sitting at coffee this morning I was asking myself these very questions. This was in part because I was surprised that almost no one had viewed my post on Record Store Day.  Sipping my flat white, I asked myself why it mattered? Normally I’m not fussed because my blog although public was more an outlet for me to meet a goal I set myself of writing a thousand words a month as I planned for “What’s Next” . I worked out early that there was no fortune to be made with www.browney237.com!

As I reflected on this, I realised that my post on Record Store Day had been written from a different perspective to many of my other posts. It was about me writing about a life experience and I wanted to share it, and apparently  more than other posts.

Put simply, for me going into a Record Store and flicking through records and now CDs is something that I have cherished for the best part of 50 years and I was disappointed that so few people had read of my experience.

It was such an odd feeling to be disappointed as it is not the first time one of my posts has “bombed” and I am sure it won’t be the last. On the other hand there are others that I’ve written that have had many views –  I wondered what made posts more popular than others?

If we were having coffee, I would be asking you about your blog experiences.

Do some posts matter more to you than others?

Why do you think some posts are more popular than others?

Does readership matter to you? If it does, what have been the secret of your successes? I’d ask you, about posts you thought would hit the spot and didn’t and how you felt?

I know there are far more important matters than these but if we were having coffee I’d love to hear about your experiences with blogging.

Cafe at The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

Cafe at The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

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12 Responses to Why do we do this?

  1. Mike says:

    Heya Browney!
    For real… EVERY blogger has been there! Darren Rowse is my #1 blogging go-to guy and he often says (unless this is your full-time or unless you want it to be) to not obsess over stats. I’m well aware of that yet there are times when you just, from time to time, hit publish, wait 30 min. then repeatedly hit refresh… hoping the numbers will change! LOL! 🙂 I have done it!

    Just keep pushing for your 1,000/month and continue connecting with others in tasks like this one (#WeekendCoffeeShare). People will discover you with time.


  2. Betty Louise says:

    I blog to have something to do. I find meaningful comments bring readers My comments usually include something from their blog. Good luck on your blogging.

  3. Back when I was using Tripadvisor a lot, people would write me a lot private messages asking me exactly how I managed to get a certain place on public transportation, what I saw, where I stayed, etc. It just seemed logical at a certain point to make a blog, since travelers seemed to be seeking this sort of information. Also, it seems only fair since I benefit so much from other people’s blogs. Finally, it gives me a way to verbalize my thoughts about art and culture, which is difficult for me since I’m not a natural writer. The challenge is good for my brain, I think.

    • browney says:

      We use Trip Advisor all the time. I respond to messages, forums and questions whenever I have something to contribute.

      I really enjoy your travel posts. Really useful information and enjoy that you don’t take yourself to seriously😀😀😀😀

  4. vernette says:

    I have been asking myself lately: “What is the value of my blog posts for my readers? Who am I blogging for?” I have been struggling with consistency on my blog and it has a lot to do with what I perceive as the value added by what I do post.

    This weekend coffee share has been my own personal experiment in blogging solely for me and see what happens.

    • browney says:

      Seems like we might be going down a similar thought path.
      I found weekendcoffeeshare a few weeks ago and enjoy the causal writing style it seems to encourage.
      Hope you find you get value from it.

  5. connie says:

    I have stuff on Tumbler that absolutely nobody reads. I don’t have much comments just a few likes. If I made a comment of someones blog they click that they like the comment I made but they don’t come to my blog. I just write what I feel and I have a handful of regular people that comment. If someone makes a comment I always comment on their blog too.

  6. Clive says:

    I’ve often asked myself that question! I started for a reason – sharing experience of depression in the hope that it will help others – but over time I’ve widened out into a disjointed range of random thoughts. I need some focus: my reading figures are barely a quarter of what they were three years ago! But as long as it makes us happy, and some people enjoy what we write, why worry?

    • browney says:

      Like you my initial motivation was not about readership but the fact that I do look at my stats on a regular basis does suggest that it does matter at some level.

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