Italy 2014 – Tour Down Under, Tour de France, Giro d’Italia

From early January Adelaide builds up to the Tour Down Under, the first event on the UCI World Tour Cycling calendar, a race based in Adelaide South Australia.

I am not sure whether it was the TDU hype, a January free from work travel or a lengthy break from riding during 2012, but my desire to get back on the bike has certainly been certainly increased.

The TDU is fantastic and we are lucky as the Tour Village is at the end of our street

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On your own

I got up early this morning to watch Arsenal play Liverpool a big game in the EPL. Midweek games are really good because I can watch them before going to work rather than being up at all hours of the weekend.

Anyway it wasn’t going well for an Arsenal supporter 2-0 down early in the second half so I turned the TV off and decided to get an early start at work. By the time I got downstairs and my iphone had picked up the radio broadcast it was 2-2. Should I go back

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Les Miserables – Highlights from the Motion Picture


So it’s been a few weeks since I first saw the movie and I am in withdrawal!

For all who are suffering from similar symptoms and don’t feel they can go and see the movie again – even if it is awesome and worth seeing again anyway – the CD/itunes playlist is a quick fix.

A listen to the highlights quickly makes you realise that the cast can sing – yes even Russell Crowe. Anne Hathaway version of is truly amazing – I so hope she wins the Oscar. Continue reading

Italy 2014 – The Christmas Break

For the first time in a number of years I had a full 2 week break at Christmas. Something to really enjoy, a time to relax, catch up with friends, family and to do some planning for Italy!

We had been discussing the idea of three months in a little town on the Amalfi Coast. We love the area and its breathtaking scenery.

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Italy 2014 – an idea!

This is the first of what I hope will be a series of blog posts about my planning for and stay in Italy in 2014.

So often I have read books, blogs, articles about time in Europe mostly from the woman’s perspective. I have generally enjoyed them however it isn’t me. I am a 50 plus male, long term Partner in a large professional services firm. I am married to a fantastic woman who I have been with since my University days and we have 3 adult children. It isn’t my intention that I find myself through this journey I just want to record my thoughts as I(we) embark on this next phase of my (our) life.


When I discussed with my wife our plans for a trip away in 2012 it was about 3 weeks squeezed in around a very hectic work schedule. It all got to hard so we abandoned 3 weeks in Italy for a fantastic week in the North Island of New Zealand. Whilst not the romance of Europe, New Zealand is a fantastic place and Auckland is a really vibrant seaside city which gives it a sort of Barcelona feel.

White Island a trip we did by helicopter for my wife’s birthday and is one of the best sightseeing trips we have ever done. Even better than Mt Etna!

Hotel De Brett – an awesome place to stay. Absolutely fantastic renovation, fabulous hosts, great restaurant and near everything!

Just one of the many great views of Auckland

It was a great holiday but it wasn’t Italy!

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